Aamna Samna Media Network

Thanks to Allah and of course you all for your support

We have successfully completed five years in service to the people as an "Alternate Media” to serve the need of the society. We gained and achieved huge popularity and trust of our viewers. Thanks to the unmatched labour and efforts of Aamna Samna Media team. Yes, we knew, there are still miles to cover and sustain to hit the target. Yes, it is just impossible without the support of our viewers and the well-wishers of our well informed community. Last four years were quite difficult to survive and remain relevant without any support and advertisements. But we did it. Our efforts were to gain your confidence and trust through our untiring work and quality of news and debates and discussions on socially important issues. Yes, you liked it and also appreciated it. In present

scenario there is urgent need of strong social media to raise the voice of Muslims, their issues and their rightful place in the society. In the midst of a culture of vilification and demonization, Aamna Samna Media tried to do its bit.

Aamna Samna Media though a small fragment through its measure resources has put some brave effort to do something and have spread its relevance across within the community and outside. Now its time, a time for appeal, an appeal for your helping hand. Its quite vital for our survival, survival of the community’s voice and aspiration. We will be taking a jump for bigger project and its not possible without your helping hand.

We appeal to whom it concerns, to come forward for a bigger media project through your donations, by placing and committing advertisements.

This certainly will enhance our confidence and quality as well. To raise the voice against oppression of weaker section of our country extend a helping hand to Aamna Samna media. Help to raise the quality of journalism, help to enhance the share of participation of the community in the world of journalism.

Email : aamanasamnamedia@gmail.com
Phone : +91 766 635 5549

JazakAllah Khair.